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Hi all

I started watching L+O in 1999, when I was 14, and I've recently begun to love it again. TNT's many many MANY episodes on Monday and Tuesday are so much fun. :D I first fell in love with the series when it played on A&E at noon, 6pm and.. what time was it, 10? (That's CST.)

I have to say my all time fave character is Jamie Ross, and I also adore Briscoe, Rey, Abbie, Cragen and Robinette (don't mind my weird ways of identifying them, I alternate between first and last name often.) I once tried to write a L+O fanfic, but it was pretty awful.. XD

BTW.. how many series are there now? I have to admit, I haven't watched new episodes lately, and I know absolutely nothing about SVU or CI.

Also.. was there ever a L+O movie on NBC? I could swear I once saw a commercial for a big reunion with everyone.. something that had to do with Mike Logan in need of legal assistance.... Was that an actual movie, or was it all some sordid dream?? XB

Okay, I say too much. Nice to meet ye all!!
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