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I just have to say....

I was totally shocked when I read about Jerry Orbach's death. When you think about it, apart from George Dzundza and Dennis Farina, he's acted on "L&O" with every actor who starred in that show so far.(Unless he came up in the latest season, in which I missed a few episodes.) When people think "Law & Order", they think "Lennie Briscoe", or at least they know the face. Every article and book with a mention of the show has a picture of him somewhere. He was literally the definition of "L&O". And to be perfectly honest, a part of me is still in denial that he's gone.


And I'm terribly sorry to go so far off topic at a time like this, but I thought this was worth a mention too, if it hasn't been brought up yet. I was looking through news articles on Orbach, when I came across this Dec 16th New Jersey article(you can see it after you take the three-question survey), which had this interesting news:

Chris Noth was Orbach's partner, Det. Mike Logan, on "Law & Order," then went on to set hearts aflutter as Mr. Big on HBO's "Sex and the City." He'll return to the role of Logan in a guest spot on "Criminal Intent" later this season.

I just wanted to post that.


(Note: Cross-posted to several communities. I apologize to your friends lists in advance.)
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