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lawand_order's Journal

THE Law and Order Comm.
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This is THE Law and Order Community. Come here to talk about any of the Law and Orders out there. Here are some simple rules:

1). Please don't bash any of the Law and Orders out there. This community is to talk nice things about them, not mean. If you do so, in a way that's rude and well, pisses me off, then I will kick you out. Sorry.
2). Don't bash anyone here. I don't mind if you guys have opinions and such, but don't get mad or fight over them cause that would suck and I would kick both parties out (I don't like fighting)
3). This is an all around free "whatever you want to talk about" community. As long as it's Law and Order (or related to the Actors or Actoress who play on it, or played on it at one time) then it's all cool. Anything not related though, will be kicked off.

Other than that, have fun and enjoy!