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A Jack and Claire fan new to the LJ game...


Okay, first off? Those Jack and Claire icons that were just posted on here are GORGEOUS!!! Lupinskitten, I have seen your name online several times before in relation to L&O sites, and I am in awe of your work.

Anyway, as the subject of this post states, I'm new to the whole LJ game, but I have just recently begun my very own journal- it's centered around my love of Jack and Claire, and is titled, 'You Had Me From Hello: Jack and Claire's Little Bit of Cyberspace'. It's just getting started, but I do hope some of you will stop by, and check it out- the format is explained in my intro post. I have also gone ahead, and joined this community, as well, as it truly looks interesting. To add to my above instant attachment to the recent J/C icons posted here, I myself currently have created six different J/C icons of my own (natch, given my journal subject), and have ideas for tons more....although I'm just starting out, I hope to be able to somehow put up a post that will make them available to anyone wishing to use them....any help in this (or anything in general as to getting a journal up to par--formatting help included) would be truly appreciated.

Thanks for 'listening', and hope to get into the swing of the LJ thing soon! 

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