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Sunday, August 31st, 2008
6:21 pm - need some help with a fic :)

I'm working on an AU crossover fic for a challenge and I have some questions (fandom, general) cause I'm not so sure and google has been pretty useless for what I've been trying to find out.

General fic info and the questions are HERE

x-posted in a few places :)

Thankies, Cat :)

PS: apologies for been vague

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008
8:35 pm - A Jack and Claire fan new to the LJ game...


Okay, first off? Those Jack and Claire icons that were just posted on here are GORGEOUS!!! Lupinskitten, I have seen your name online several times before in relation to L&O sites, and I am in awe of your work.

Anyway, as the subject of this post states, I'm new to the whole LJ game, but I have just recently begun my very own journal- it's centered around my love of Jack and Claire, and is titled, 'You Had Me From Hello: Jack and Claire's Little Bit of Cyberspace'. It's just getting started, but I do hope some of you will stop by, and check it out- the format is explained in my intro post. I have also gone ahead, and joined this community, as well, as it truly looks interesting. To add to my above instant attachment to the recent J/C icons posted here, I myself currently have created six different J/C icons of my own (natch, given my journal subject), and have ideas for tons more....although I'm just starting out, I hope to be able to somehow put up a post that will make them available to anyone wishing to use them....any help in this (or anything in general as to getting a journal up to par--formatting help included) would be truly appreciated.

Thanks for 'listening', and hope to get into the swing of the LJ thing soon! 

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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
12:27 am - L&O rpg accepting applications

Are you a fan of the Law & Order shows (TOS, CI, SVU, TBJ or Conviction) who also likes to write and/or roleplay? Ever try to get into your favorite character's brain or maybe wonder what it would be like to interact with your favorite character? Maybe you watch episodes and think 'I could have solved that!' or 'I could try that case!' If you've ever thought of these things, Law & Order: Special Issues Unit lawandorder_siu could be the place for you.

We are a roleplaying game that seeks to follow the show format: while there is lots of social interaction among our characters, detectives also solve cases and lawyers get to try them.

We are accepting applications for the following canon characters:

TOS: Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, ADA Connie Rubirosa

SVU: Det. Elliot Stabler, Det. Olivia Benson, Det. Fin Tutuola, Det. Brian Cassidy, Det. Monique Jeffries, Dr. George Huang, Dr. Melinda Warner, ADA Casey Novak

CI: Det. Bobby Goren, Det. Megan Wheeler, Det. G. Lynn Bishop

TBJ: ADA Tracey Kibre, ADA Kelly Gaffney, DA Investigator Hector Salazar, DA Investigator Chris Ravell,

Conviction: Christina Finn, Jessica Rossi, Jim Steele, Nick potter, Billy Desmond

Original characters, or other recurring characters are also welcome to be applied for. Original characters need not necessarily be cops or lawyers--"support staff" like CSU or TARU techs, uniforms, etc, can also be applied for.

Feel free to comment with any questions you might have....Applications thread can be found here!

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Sunday, October 8th, 2006
9:49 pm

Love to write?

Love Law & Order: The Original Series, Special Victims Unit, and/or Criminal Intent?

Interested in playing a favorite character, interacting with characters, or creating an original character?

Apply to play at Law & Order: Special Issues Unit lawandorder_siu

At the moment, we are currently accepting applications for the following detectives:

TOS: Cassady, Fontana
SVU: Stabler, Fin
CI: Wheeler

You’re also welcome to apply as an original character.

Questions? You can contact me by replying to this post, or emailing me at law.and.order.fan@gmail.com, or IMing me, AIM screenname: judgejamieross.

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Saturday, July 8th, 2006
4:39 pm - Benson needed in rpg

Hi folks!

I am a mod at the Law & Order roleplaying game, lawandorder_siu. We are in need of an Olivia Benson. If you are at all interested, please check it out! The application link is on the left hand side of the community home page. Or, if you just have questions, you can reply to this post and talk to me.


(apologies if pimpage isn't allowed! feel free to take this down if it's not! thanks!)

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Sunday, February 6th, 2005
2:50 am - In case you haven't heard....

I don't know if this was posted yet, but I read on E! Online that Chris Noth will show up on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" on February 13th to play Mike Logan again. I found a similar note in The Houston Cronicle.(#10 on the list.) Just so everyone knows.


(Note: Cross-posted to death.)

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
9:34 pm

hey everyone...im new here...i love law and order...i watch it every night...its like the best show ever...i can't wait for the new law and order to come out in may...i hope it's as good as the rest of them...

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
2:16 am - I just have to say....

I was totally shocked when I read about Jerry Orbach's death. When you think about it, apart from George Dzundza and Dennis Farina, he's acted on "L&O" with every actor who starred in that show so far.(Unless he came up in the latest season, in which I missed a few episodes.) When people think "Law & Order", they think "Lennie Briscoe", or at least they know the face. Every article and book with a mention of the show has a picture of him somewhere. He was literally the definition of "L&O". And to be perfectly honest, a part of me is still in denial that he's gone.


And I'm terribly sorry to go so far off topic at a time like this, but I thought this was worth a mention too, if it hasn't been brought up yet. I was looking through news articles on Orbach, when I came across this Dec 16th New Jersey article(you can see it after you take the three-question survey), which had this interesting news:

Chris Noth was Orbach's partner, Det. Mike Logan, on "Law & Order," then went on to set hearts aflutter as Mr. Big on HBO's "Sex and the City." He'll return to the role of Logan in a guest spot on "Criminal Intent" later this season.

I just wanted to post that.


(Note: Cross-posted to several communities. I apologize to your friends lists in advance.)

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Friday, September 24th, 2004
1:14 am - Random question cross-posted in other L&O communities....

Is it just me, or has every recent airing of L&O on TNT been a Brisco episode? I missed quite a few of them, but every single one I've seen for the past week or so had Brisco as one of the main charaters. They showed pretty much every Detective/DA combo he's been in, but I haven't seen Greevey or Ceretta anywhere for some time.

Anyone else notice this? Is it because this is the first time since season 3 that he wasn't a main character? Or am I just coincedentily missing the ones he's not in?


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Sunday, March 28th, 2004
1:02 am - NO NO NOOOOOO

this was posted in the other Law and Order community but I haven't seen it here so I thought I'd spread the sad sad news. Don't go Lennie, don't goooo!

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
8:37 pm - Hi!

I just joined this community. I'd like to start with a friendly "Hi" and an answer to a question posted here by one 2reeds in January.

McCoy(Sam Waterston) became a cast member in the first episode of season 5, titled "Second Opinion".

That said, hello and I hope to have some fun discussions in here!


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8:13 pm - Hi!

I just joined this community. I'd like to start with a friendly "Hi" and an answer to a question posted here by one 2reeds in January.

McCoy(Sam Waterston) became a cast member in the first episode of season 5, titled "Second Opinion".

That said, hello and I hope to have some fun discussions in here!


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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
9:11 pm - McCoy?

Anyone know the firste pisode that McCoy was on?

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
1:48 am

My semi-addiction of before has turned into a full-blown addiction involving taping the episodes every night and watching the conflicting episodes on another TV.

Essentially: I think the original is the best. By far. And that no one on any of the three compares at all ever to Sam Waterston because he rules. The court scenes are my favorite, in all the Law and Orders, which, aside from Sam Waterston's incredibleness, is probably part of the reason I don't like CI or SVU as much. On CI, I think Vincent D'onofrio (I can't spell his last name) is trying to hold the show by himself because he rules and the plot sucks and there are never (maybe rarely. i've enver seen any) court scenes. For SVU, I'm sad that Alex Cabot left, because, although I hated her when she first showed up on the show, I thought she was pretty good. Olivia's pretty cool too, though, and Munch and Finn, although Elliot is often obnoxious, I think. Aside from the lack-of-Sam-Waterston, I don't like SVU as much because it so rarely has court scenes and that's the best part of the show anyway. Although the investigations are necessary, because otherwise the court scenes wouldn't be nearly as cool. And I hate the ADA who replaced Cabot. So, Law and Order the original is the best, thank you Sam Waterston (and Lenny, and the fact that it's just better), but when that's not on I'll watch SVU (or go out of my way to find another TV so I can see both when they're on at the same time), and when none of those are on I'll watch CI. But I don't like it nearly as much. The court scenes are the best. Yup.

So there's the rundown of my opinions of Law and Order. I figured I should join a community. Actually, all 4 of them. So I'm sorry for the cross-posting but I'm introducing myself to all of them.

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Monday, June 16th, 2003
2:05 am - RPG

(sorry about the crosspost)
Well I did it again, I've created another MSN Comm. This time it's a rpg...not just any rpg, but a Law & Order one dealing with all L&O, L&O:SVU & L&O:CI. At the present, I'm a member of a H:LOTS rpg, but it's been so long since anyone (myself included) has posted in it, maybe there'll be enough people who are interested in joining? I wanna thank det_munch for helping me with the title, I swear in the last little while I'm not thinking straight.....Gotta be Monday soon *lol*
L&O RPGCollapse )

So far there are 2 others (aside from myself) that are part of this rpg.

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Sunday, June 15th, 2003
8:00 pm - crossposted in lawnorder and lawand_order

Did all of you know that there are two Law and Order communities? lawnorder and lawand_order Neither of which are posted in often, if at all, by the way.

I suggest we somehow combine the two communities into one new one, or talk to the moderators of both and just shift memberhsip to one of them and delete the other. Maybe that way we can have an active community about the greatest show out there! Does that sound good?

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Friday, May 16th, 2003

hey all I completly forgot I was even a member of this place hahaha...my minds been really busy past few weeks so..yeah

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Saturday, April 26th, 2003
12:07 am - crossover post (sorry peeps)

'LAW & ORDER' Actress shot in N.Y.

April 25, 2003 | Aspiring actress Lyric Benson was enjoying her first taste of success when last night her musician husband shot her in the face right outside her New York City apartment building. The 21-year-old Yale graduate was coming home from her job at a trendy restaurant when Robert Ambrosino, whom she broke up with in late February, approached her from behind. When she turned, he shot her and then shot and killed himself, police said. Her mother, coming to let her daughter in the building, reportedly witnessed the crime. Now the pretty blonde is listed in extremely critical condition at Bellevue Hospital. Lyric's image can be seen on American Express' Tribeca Film Festival ads and just three weeks ago she had finished shooting an episode of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."


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Monday, April 14th, 2003
10:40 pm - Hi all

I started watching L+O in 1999, when I was 14, and I've recently begun to love it again. TNT's many many MANY episodes on Monday and Tuesday are so much fun. :D I first fell in love with the series when it played on A&E at noon, 6pm and.. what time was it, 10? (That's CST.)

I have to say my all time fave character is Jamie Ross, and I also adore Briscoe, Rey, Abbie, Cragen and Robinette (don't mind my weird ways of identifying them, I alternate between first and last name often.) I once tried to write a L+O fanfic, but it was pretty awful.. XD

BTW.. how many series are there now? I have to admit, I haven't watched new episodes lately, and I know absolutely nothing about SVU or CI.

Also.. was there ever a L+O movie on NBC? I could swear I once saw a commercial for a big reunion with everyone.. something that had to do with Mike Logan in need of legal assistance.... Was that an actual movie, or was it all some sordid dream?? XB

Okay, I say too much. Nice to meet ye all!!

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Monday, March 17th, 2003
10:55 pm

OH NO! NO MORE NEW CI EPS FOR THE WHOLE SEASON! I am saddened now, it's a good thing that I taped them all. So, whenever I need my Goren fix, I can always go to it! hehe. Anyways, I have made myself a new lj journal, its like my split personalitly thing. It's det_robertgoren It's friends only but I will add ya all! Cause we know how much you love the wholesome goodness of Goren and everything that he and the other cast members of Law and Order are! Peace and Love peoples!


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